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Treatments and Rehabilitation Pathways

Welcome to the firm's website

Get to know Pathologies

Know the Pathologies in order to better understand what is happening or what might happen. Knowing is the first step to healing

Meetings to Learn About You

Meeting to communicate, From a symptom or from sensations describe and scientifically understand the diagnosis... Meetings at our office or by video call

Therapies because Science is Health

Therapies are the plan and the prescribed work. We follow the Patient to support them so that they are not alone and always have those who understand and help them

Comments from our Patients

To stay up to date

To provide an ongoing service and to keep my patients whom I have followed over the years informed, I select and publish news that may be useful to wellness in general.

I hope you may find it useful for YOUR curiosity and questions, and I am always available to discuss with you should you find yourself familiar with any of these conditions

They are in agreement with insurance plans

If you have an insurance plan and find yourself in the logos I highlight I can prepare all the necessary documentation for you.

If you have a plan that does not appear in the pictures, please contact me and I will see how I can connect

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